The planes can be home made in Balsa and cardboard, or modeling polystyren.

It is very time consuming thou, but a great joy if you are that kind of person that will gladly spend 3 hours to get the gun ring of a obscure german observation machine just right..

Another way is to buy the airplanes ready made from Shapeways.

Shapeways is a 3d printing facility, where people can upload 3D models of all kinds, and the customer can then order the model in many different materials.

With the great help from a series of experienced modellers we are able to present  all the needed airplanes type for ICOG as 3D print. So go to the Shapeways site and order the models you need. Only a little paint is needed.

( See the Link section for direct links to each model)

Preparing a Shapeways plane for painting

1:     Wash off the residue supporting wax with hot (70 C, not boiling) water and dishwashing soap.

         this also soften the material so that wings that has been bent in transport can be returned to their original shape.

        They will then retain the original shape.

2:     Remove any visible remaining wax (it sticks!) by dipping the model in alcohol.

3:     Let dry and gently sand (with fine paper) any roughness on the flat surfaces and eventually scrape with a knife    

        where needed. If necessary: drill out the nose mounting hole with a 0,75 mm drill.

        The planes has been printed with a hole but sometimes need reaming.

4:     Strengthen weak spots on the model with cyanoacrylate glue by adding a small amount to the wheel axle joints,

        the undercarriage joints and where the struts join the wings.     

5:     Give the model 1-2 layers of thinned gloss or semi-gloss varnish

        This will smooth out eventual fuzziness and strengthen the model.

6:    Paint the model as normal.

Albatros DVa as supliede from                                        Albatros DVa after paint and decals









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